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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Getting Grown is a global community of dreamers, learners, and doers. Action will be taken if any of our guidelines are not fulfilled, so please read vigilantly.


Always be Respectful:


We are more alike than unalike. Understanding different cultures is something we celebrate. With a mutual goal to succeed, we ask that all users be respectful of others and the beauty that comes with each of our diverse backgrounds. Profile pictures and usernames that are considered disturbing or inappropriate may be replaced or removed at the sole discretion of Getting Grown. This may also result in account removal.


Personal Information:


Please beware of swapping or posting any private information that could be misused. That includes your phone number, age, address, or other personal information that could put your privacy at risk. If we feel that you, Getting Grown, a third-party affiliate are at risk, your post, or entire account may be removed.


If you are cheating or sharing information and instructions about using Getting Grown in a way that may impact the service(s) or any affiliated hardware in a negative manner, your account may be removed.


Getting Grown reserves the right to remove any content that violates community guidelines without warning. We do not tolerate remarks or content that is:

  • Unlawful 

  • Correlated with racism or prejudice

  • Symbols, names, and text that promote hate

  • Bullying or harassment (whether sexual or non-sexual)

  • Obscene or pornographic

  • Hateful and obscene comments

  • Inordinately profane or aggressive

  • Personal or confidential

  • Spammy

  • Fraud

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