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Coming Summer 2022

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About Getting Grown

Your Source for Financial & Career Literacy

In the form of a mobile game, Getting Grown implements a fun & playful method to subconsciously teach financial & career literacy to the world. Unlike other games, the perseverance behind Getting Grown is not about who finishes first. Instead, it is about which player has made the highest “Return on Investment” upon completing their task list. Players will be allowed to take various paths that can be affected by choices and unexpected circumstances. Best of all, no game will ever be the same!

We've Made it Free

Who doesn't like free? Using ads helps us keep your learning experience free, but don't worry- We've made it fun! Watching short rewards videos may earn you just the extra amount of moula needed to beat your opponents! 

Some people are born with it 💸

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For Everyone Else, there's  Getting Grown 

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Changing the Game with Financial & Career Literacy.