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Meet LeAnn & Ross 👋🏿

They both went to school to study agriculture, where they learned how to farm crops in an organic & eco-friendly way. 🍅🌾🥕

Although Getting Grown's mission is to provide FREE financial & career EDUCATION to the world, we're also taking an initiative to promote environmental consciousness so our amazing planet can heal. 🌎👨🏿‍🌾

Upon starting the game, you'll be given avatar options, ranging from agricultural, healthcare, business casual, athletic, and much more 😃

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Unlike many other games, the perseverance behind Getting Grown is not about who finishes first. Instead, it is about which player has made the highest “Return on Investment” upon completion. A player will be allowed to take various paths that can be affected by choices and unexpected circumstances. And best of all, no game will ever be the same!