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Welcome to the New Age of Technology: How to Make it Work in Your Favor

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Man holding a hologram earth and tablet

How far technology has come in the last 20 years is indeed remarkable. Would you believe our company grew its social media presence from 250 page likes to over 5,000 in less than a week??? With everything nowadays powered by computers, it is easy to say that we have indeed entered a new age of technology.

However, some people find it difficult or miss the opportunity of using technology to their advantage. In fact, some are worried and afraid about these advancements because of the possibility of losing their employment to machines. But rather than fearing technology, you should instead embrace it. The advantages of technology far outweigh the drawbacks.

To do that, here are some tips on how you could use technology in your favor:

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Add Productivity

The primary reason why humans seek technological advancement is to help make things simpler and, by virtue, add more productivity. This is exactly why cars, planes, computers, and other machines were invented. On this note, you should take advantage of technology on how to be more productive, whether it is for your personal life or work.

You can use technology to be more productive at your work by knowing how to use productivity tools. For example, if you're an accountant, you should be adept with accounting tools such as Quickbooks, Zoho, Sage, etc. Besides increasing your productivity, knowing how to use software will make you a more desirable professional.

For your personal life, technology can help you become more productive by reducing the time you spend on errands, giving you more time to spend with your friends and family. You can even take advantage of some much needed “ME” Time.

Expand Network

One of the greatest achievements of this new age of technology is better communication channels. It is now very easy to talk to someone who lives on the other side of the world. This aspect of technological advancement can be used in your favor if you are looking to build an international business network or simply want to make friends with people from different races and cultures.

There are now plenty of networking tools and platforms that allow you to expand your network. For social networking, you have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For more professional and business networking, you have platforms such as LinkedIn or Glassdoor.

Extended Resources

The beauty of technology, especially the internet, is that it provides you with almost unlimited resources at the tips of your fingers. There is no longer a need to go to libraries or scan hundreds of books to get the answer you need.

Use these resources to your advantage and allow it to broaden your knowledge. There’s no excuse. You can learn new skills, languages, and even earn a higher-level education degree all from the comfort of your home. In fact, you can learn almost anything just by a simple internet search. The importance of technology is vast, and it's up to you on how to make the most of it.

Final Words

The application of technology and its advantages is endless. Even though it may make some jobs obsolete, it is bound to open up more opportunities in the future. So instead of resisting it, use it to your advantage. The tips mentioned above will allow you to do exactly that!

By: Brand Contributor

Getting Grown, LLC

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