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Top 7 Budgeting Tools To Use That Are Free

Free Budgeting Tools

Banking Tools

Bank Budgeting Software

Free bank budgeting tools won't create a budget for you, but they offer the information you need to develop a workable spending plan. They can make it easy to see where your money is currently going by categorizing your expenses. Depending on the bank, there may also be other features that aren't specific for budgeting but can be helpful to manage money, like automatic transfers to savings or receive alerts when account balances are low.


GnuCash Accounting Software

GnuCash is another free option, but what makes this one unique is that it's based on professional accounting principles and is available on the Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. Its' easy-to-use design, yet powerful and flexible program, offers potent tools that make it suitable for both home and small business use. GnuCash can be used to track income and spending as well as bank, investment, and retirement accounts.

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Pocket Guard

PocketGuard is a free budget app that makes it easy to control your finances and stop overspending. It shows the availability of daily spending funds, subtracts upcoming bills, savings goal contributions, and pre-budgeted money from your estimated income by connecting your checking, credit, and savings accounts, and detects recurring bills and income. It also allows you to create custom categories and set limits for them.


Intuit Mint

Mint is a well-known budgeting app that offers all-inclusive services at no cost, including its credit monitoring service. Once you've entered basic banking, credit, and investment account information, mint tracks and categorizes the transactions. You'll get alerted when you're over budget in a particular category, if you've paid ATM fees, or if it spots a large or suspicious transaction. Mint can also track all your bills and remind you of upcoming payments. The built-in goal-setting tools are solid and easy to use. Intuit owns it, so your data can feed straight into your TurboTax account.



This budgeting software is intended for those who like the idea of an envelope cash management system without the hassle of carrying physical envelopes. Goodbudget lets users fund virtual envelopes used to track expenses and sync and share budget information across devices. The free version includes:

  • Ten regular envelopes.

  • Ten more envelopes.

  • One year of account history.

  • Access to community support forums.



EveryDollar is a budget app based on Dave Ramsey's financial philosophy that uses a zero-based budgeting method. It encourages people to track their spending and plan for purchases and is tailored for zero-based budgeting. It also allows you to manually enter a transaction each time you spend money to account for it in your budget. A free version of this app is available as well.


Honeydue software

Honeydue allows you and your partner to view both your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments all in one spot. A feature worth pointing out is that you can choose how much info you share with one another. You can set up custom categories or let this free budget app automatically categorize expenses for you. Together, you both can set up monthly limits on each of these categories. Honeydue will alert you if you are nearing these limits and send reminders for upcoming bills.

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