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How to Teach Kids Career Options Through Halloween Costumes

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Little girls in witch Halloween costumes

Holidays are fun for kids because they get to dress up and have fun. One of the best holidays where they can freely do this is during Halloween.

However, instead of the typical monster, fairy, and superhero costumes, parents are now keener on their kids' costumes. These days, parents also want it to be more meaningful and realistic such as involving their kids' potential roles in the community when they grow up. Parents are now exploring career costumes too as a way of early and enjoyable career exploration for kids.

Little girls dressed in Halloween costumes


Here are some steps on how to teach kids about career options through Halloween costumes:

1. Use their Favorite Movies or TV Shows to Teach them Career Options

Before you decide on a costume, your kids must be aware of their options and what they mean. The challenge in teaching kids is getting and retaining their attention. After all, kids and career shouldn't go hand in hand too early. Thus, the key to helping your child choose a career path early on is to support their inclinations and make every activity fun for them.

So, to engage them, you must present them with characters they already love such as those in their favorite TV shows. Choose the characters whose roles resemble real-life professions.

However, if our kids are already older or more attentive, you can skip the TV shows, name some professions, and see which one they'd choose. That's one of the parenting tips to subtly learn how to help your child choose a career path.

2. Explain the Characters' role and How they Can Be Like Them Someday

At this point, you can explain what the character does and how they can be like this character when they grow up. This gives them the concept of being able to do what their favorite cartoon does, but with real people, animals, buildings, etc.

Through this exercise, your kids can see what and who they can be someday. They may have already envisioned themselves in some way, and now you’re giving them the means in which to create their own reality.

3. Help Them Choose Their Costumes

Connect with your kids by helping them choose their costume. As a parent, you may have colossal dreams of who and what your children can become. But it is essential to provide education, while still allowing them to gain perspective for themselves. Do not be overpowering, but more so, listen to the reasons of their thinking. Give guidance and resources in fun ways like through the use of cartoon characters.

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Career Costume Options Based on Cartoon Characters

Here are career costumes based on cartoon characters your kids might be interested in:

1. Doctor McStuffins

This adorable cartoon character resembles a doctor. She fixes broken, wounded, or hurt toys. This is an empowering character for both girls and boys who want to be in the medical field someday.

2. Paw Patrol

This animated TV series showcases plenty of professions that relate to emergency services. It's about a young boy who leads a team of dogs with different skills. One is a police officer, the other is a firefighter, and the last one is a pilot.

3. Bob the Builder

This character resembles a talented engineer who can build and fix anything. The series can stir the passion for engineering in kids and demonstrate what it's like to be an engineer.

Research shows that these cartoon genres already exist, portraying what these characters do in the professional world. Fortunately, this now makes explaining career options to your kids a little easier.

For kids who dream of becoming athletes, choose a costume of their liking and allow them to play that sport for a day. This gives them a better understanding of what it’s like to be that athlete. But don’t just add the perks. Add the pitfalls as well, keeping it playful but lifelike as well. Try applying this concept to any career of their choosing 😊

Final Words

It's good to show kids who they can be when they grow up in every opportunity we can. Costumes are a great way to introduce and boost their passion for a certain profession. It's a way of making fun things meaningful and purposeful.

So, who will your kids dress as this coming Halloween?

By: Brand Contributor

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