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Homeschool Programs Worth Checking Out

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Homeschooling written on a chalk board by a child

Due to the current pandemic, there have been countless closures of schools, tutorial centers, and daycares in different parts of the country. Many parents have been contemplating the possibility of homeschooling, but have absolutely no idea where to begin. For someone who has a full-time job and has never tried teaching their child at home, the idea of homeschooling might feel a bit overwhelming.

More often than not, parents fear that their children’s education may be limited in comparison to in-person academic schooling. In previous decades, there were vast concerns of children not having the opportunity to interact with peers, shaping a path for future social awkwardness and decreased creativity. But just as evolution was exemplified with automobiles and technology, this progress has become more appealing in regards to homeschooling as well.

School supplies scattered over a desk

Fast forward in time with years of advancements, many homeschooling programs now mimicking that of a public-school curriculum. In this new and vivacious digital age, homeschooling has become surprisingly interactive, with high-quality programs that can be accessed on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Little girl smiling while laying her head on school books

You don’t have to be a teacher for your kids to get a proper education. To help ease some potential stressors, we’ve identified 3 Programs that may make homeschooling your kids easier than you think.

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With state-certified educators, the online homeschooling program K12 is in more or less words, a virtual public school for students in grades kindergarten through 12. The program is tuition-free; however, The Keystone School, one of its private online institutes require paid tuition prior to enrolling. For parents affected by Covid-19 due to school closures, there are a few low-cost and tuition-free options to assist with expenses.

Little boy doing doing homework in laptop computer

In addition to the typical homeschooling curriculums, K12 offers variegate options for intensive courses and summer school prospectuses. For subjects that are troubling, real-time online tutorials are available in various subjects like Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and even foreign language courses. The company’s site has a plethora of resource materials for children and teens, with the overall goal of providing great education while honing specific skills and supporting your child’s interest.


ABCmouse is perfect for those wanting a more comprehensive learning structure, as well as those who prefer an existing homeschooling methodology. Designed for children ages 2 to 8, ABCmouse teaches definitive school subjects through their Step-By-Step Learning Path Program. A subscription can be purchased for approximately $10 per month, making it affordable for parents nation-wide.

Mother and Father helping young daughter with homework on a laptop

Accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone, your children will have access to a renowned comprehensive reading curriculum, as well as 850 lessons of various subjects ranging from math, science, social studies, and other foundational teachings. An art program consists of painting and drawing activities, along with educational games, puzzles, music, and read-aloud passages available via the site’s library.

Young boy doing math homework at his desk on a laptop

Remaining one of the most affordable programs available, while embracing the desire to provide exceptional teachings, it’s no surprise why ABCmouse’s award-winning curriculum continues wowing parents year after year.


This online homeschool program is comprehensive and available for subscription. It is fairly priced, considering it is one of the ideal programs for your children to have the traditional school set up, even though they are studying at home.

Colorful illustration of a rainbow with the sun and the clouds

There are hundreds to thousands of interactive quizzes, tests, animated lessons, worksheets, and additional educational activities. All are appropriate for the child’s school and the learning requirements of particular states. What makes this homeschool curriculum unique is that it combines offline and online learning. There are also worksheets you can print and other manual activities.


In attempts to turn your smile upside down, we hope to have turned your homeschooling fears into smiles. Developing your child’s creativity and skills are still possible despite the drastic changes caused by the pandemic. Additional information on homeschooling can be accessed by visiting each company’s individual site or by clicking on the affiliate links.

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