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Halloween Crafts to Do with Kids

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Children dressed in Halloween costumes

Although the Halloween hype doesn’t start until the end of October, there is no doubt that the kids are already pumped up. Most absolutely love dressing up to go trick-or-treating with their friends.

Preparing for these main events tend to challenge the parent’s creativity. However, this does not have to be the case. You can bond with your kids over arts and crafts right now by making DIY Halloween decorations instead.

Here are 5 easy and fun Halloween crafts for kids that can get their creativity flowing:

1. White Ghosts Garlands

First on the list is something you can put on doorways or window frames for that spooky feeling. To do this, gather fallen leaves with your kids in the backyard or the park. Then, take acrylic paint and mix it with water in a bowl to make it runny. Next, you can either paint the leaves or dip them in the bowl (hold them by the stem preferably with gloves).

Once the paint is dry, draw eyes on them using a black marker. Lastly, put them together in a string. This is an easy and fun halloween crafts diy.

2. Splatter Pumpkin

This craft is a great way to turn a kid’s mess into art. All you need are pumpkins, acrylic paint, water, and a brush.

The first step is to paint the entire pumpkin with a color of your choice or leave it as it is. To create the splatter effect, gather the rest of the colors, and mix them with water in separate containers. Then, take a brush or an unused toothbrush, dip it in your favorite colors, and tap it on any areas of the pumpkin.

Continue tapping on the pumpkin with different colors until you’re happy with your work. This piece of art should look great by the door or on tabletops. This is one of the easy halloween crafts that your kids can take pride in.

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3. Spooky Eye-Lit Kitties

Now here’s an amazing one: creating cats with glowing eyes. Get a string light and measure the distance between two bulbs. (These can be the same lights used to hang in display windows or on Christmas Trees.)

Grab some colored papers and draw at least 20 cat faces. Next, cut out the faces.

Afterward, use a paper puncher to punch out holes for the eyes, while making sure that the distance is equal to the distance between the two bulbs. Slide the bulbs through the eyes, and voila!

It’s easy to make and creepy cute in the dark!

4. Monster Boxes

Now, how about we make monsters out of tissue boxes as decorations or candy holders?

The first step is to wrap empty tissue boxes with colored paper. Cut out an oval hole for the mouths.

Next, grab a piece of white paper and begin drawing several triangles. Afterward, cut them out, and paste them on the top and bottom edges of the oval opening to make pointy monster teeth.

Lastly and optional, put a pair of googly eyes above the oval mouths. You may also cut out strips of yarn and place them on top of the box to make monster hair.

Wow! Such cute monsters that your kids will LOVE! There are more halloween crafts with paper that you can look up. Creativity is the only limit.

5. Colorful Witch Broomsticks

Recreate the witch’s flying broomstick using branches and yarns.

To begin, collect fallen tree branches of different sizes and lengths with the kids and clean them thoroughly with water.

Once they’re dry, cut out pieces of yarn to begin making the broom bristles. (The length of yarn should depend on the length of the stick).

To make the bristles, attach the pieces of yarn to one end of the stick/branch using elastic bands.

Make sure the bands are securely in place. There is no limit to the number of yarn pieces used. Your broomsticks can be as fluffy as you want!


With so many of us having to be stuck inside, we hope this list gets you excited about making Halloween crafts for kids. Have fun making creative, cute, and spooky works of art with your little ones! Happy Halloween!

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