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Featured Career: Voice Actor (Part 2)

Voice Actor

If you’ve been following the Getting Grown development, you’ve most likely seen the evolution of our beloved company mascot, Monsieur Richard Arbre. Through the use of eye-catching character designs, graphics, and outstanding cartoon animation, Mr. Arbre has been brought to life. Nevertheless, even an animation needs a voice. Otherwise, it’d be no different than the days when silent movies were in style. It’s 2021 and lucky for us, technology has advanced.

Our team was able to dive into this mysterious world of “voice acting” while conducting several SUPER FUN interviews with authentic French voice actors to find the “perfect voice” for our beloved Monsieur Richard Arbre. In fact, this task made work seem like play in such a way, we’ve decided to share our top recommendations to consider. From the comfort of our home, 10 actors were interviewed, all being required to provide audio file auditions remotely, with the click of a button. When interviewing our prospective hires, our team was lucky enough to submerge our consciousness into a career field we knew nothing about; and now- we’re sharing with you, these 5 things to consider when pursuing a voice-acting career.

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Recording Studio

If you’re looking to pursue a serious career as a voice actor, a high-quality home studio that is sound-proof is non-negotiable. Professional-grade equipment, adequate coaching, and money for marketing can add a hefty price tag to the monetary expenses required to launch this fascinating new career. Be sure to create a financial plan prior to jumping in blindly, holding you accountable for your budgeting.



As with any type of theatrical and fine arts career, voice actors must become masters of self-promotion. Properly having the ability to market your skills – can help you land more exposure. Social media can provide great marketing tools that can help you begin networking with the right people. Voice demos can also help add to your chances of landing that dream customer.

Adequate Technical Skills:

Working together

At first glance, studio equipment set-up can be quite daunting if it’s something you’ve never been exposed to before. And rightfully so- Recording quality is vitally important. Software Requirements, along with equipment functionality and a high-quality microphone should create the perfect professional-grade recordings from the comfort of your living room.

Voice Coaching/Training:

Voice Recording

Many voice actors regularly work with a voice coach in order to learn new accents and impressions and increase their overall vocal practices. They can also help with audio education, demo creations, and character voice development. Regular sessions with a voice coach can no doubt broaden your horizons in ways that help you convert your skills into cash.

Voice Health:

Good Health

“Loss of voice” is a major concern for anyone who has to speak for a living, especially when your income relies on it. Fortunately, it can be prevented. Staying away from harsh carcinogens like smoking can help prolong the life of one's voice. Remaining hydrated, along with healthy high-citrus fruits & essential green veggies can also contribute to the importance of voice health. Hot teas and balancing meditation conclude our recommendations for your future career in voice acting.

Happy Auditioning!

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