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Featured Career: Voice Actor (Part 1)

Voice Actor

Millennials and Generation X alike, no longer mind watching foreign shows that are spectated in other countries or regions of the world. From dubbed series/movies to cartoon-animated motion pictures, “Voice Actors” are now becoming as popular as the kinetic-based roles of award-winning celebrities, without their faces ever being seen.

When considering the diverse range of clients, flexible work schedules, and the overall luxury of being able to audition and work remotely, voice acting may provide an auspicious option in choosing a new career path. Thanks to companies like Pixar, Disney, and Illuminations, voice acting is now recognized as one of the most fascinating and remunerative careers available today. Many industries use the work of voice-over actors for commercials, radio, movie trailers, audiobook storytelling, sports broadcasts, documentaries, video game vocals, eLearning courses, corporate training, and animated movies, not to mention the esteemed duties of news anchors, television hosts, and stage/screen actors.

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Voice Actor possibilities

Typically, voice-over work is done in a recording studio. An actor uses a microphone while reading a script to create the ideal scene. By modulating their voices, these actors are meant to captivate an audience, triggering an emotional response that can cause a viewer or customer to feel happy, sad, excited, or angry all in a matter of minutes. Particular emphasis on words, tones, voice pitches, and the natural ability to inject more energy into a phrase can instantly propel an actor’s professional career. Actors who are impressionable and can effortlessly follow directions usually find it easier to establish a distinguished reputation, while becoming branded as a valuable asset and someone who is easy to work with.

Although speech is a mandatory aspect to consider, many of these actors do more than just speak. Groans, screams, gasps, or exaggerated tones are just some of the necessities intended to find a way that brings stagnant or visual art to life. The ability to sing also comes in handy, although it's certainly not a requirement. Gestures and intense body language may be needed to help an actor get into character, creating the perfect ambiance for a memorable character portrayal.

Woman yelling

Because a formal degree is not required, regular voice or acting lessons may be essential in gaining industry success. Some actors may decide to pursue degrees in production, theater, or voice studies, combining indispensable skills with overall natural experience. Based largely on experience, salary ranges for this career could be quite unpredictable with median hourly wages ranging from $18- $40, although we can almost guarantee that A-list celebrities like Tom Hanks can easily earn a six or seven-figure paycheck for a single gig.

No Degree, No Problem

At the end of the day, becoming a voice actor is a unique career path that is sure to expose you to new people, new thoughts, and knowledge in new areas that you would have never expected. Whether pursuing a career with an established company or working as a freelancer, be sure to tune in on Wednesday, February 10th for PART 2 of our Featured Career Blog: Voice Actor, highlighting the pros, cons, and recommendations of what it takes to kickstart a successful voice acting career.

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