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Featured Career: Video Game Reviewer

Video Game Reviewer

A video game reviewer isn't a widely recognized job title. Most reviewers are referred to as writers, content creators, or game journalists. Video game journalism is a branch of journalism that reports and discusses video games. It is typically based on a core style of reporting that involves revealing, previewing, and reviewing. There has been an extraordinary growth in online publications and blogs, which in turn requires you to be proficient in a wide array of skills. Depending on the type of job you've got your sights on will determine just how proficient you will have to be. Some reviewers do much more than write and find themselves using entirely different types of mediums. It would be helpful to be knowledgeable on the subject of editing podcasts or know how to live stream or vlog your gameplay.

Classic Video Game Controller

Like any entertainment form, the gaming industry has its popular genres and franchises. Facts are your friend when it comes to a preview of a game that's about to be released or a review of one that's already hit the market. Before you can report on a game or gaming system, you've got to check it out, and being ultramodern on all the latest games isn't enough. You must be a true gaming expert who can trace the history of games from Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto, back to The Legends of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Know your subject well and be passionate about it. Make sure your knowledge is deep and can extensively reach others.

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Virtual Reality Gaming

Freelance and remote game reviewer salaries vary widely. The more opportunities you land, the more you'll make, which means you can pretty much earn as much or as little as you like. Many game reviewers manage to hit the same pay range as full-time in-house writers, earning around $45,000 per year. Depending on the type of job and location, some writers earn between $50,000 and $65,000 per year. It's not uncommon to find employment that goes much higher than that- some being entrepreneurs who bring in annual salaries in the million-plus range. However, you'll need to be experienced.

Video Game controller

Being a reviewer is not always fun and games. You won't get the exact job you're looking for instantaneously. You will need to work towards that goal. To build your experience quicker; it's essential to learn the different types of electronic games available. It probably won't be your desired niche, but it's still a relevant experience. Once your feet are wet, only then can you begin to specialize in a certain genre. At the end of the day, your writing about gaming will strengthen your credibility. As a freelancer, you can write your own blogs and use them in a portfolio to pitch pieces to certain gaming websites. Follow the industry influencers and post valuable comments. Then, statically offer to “guest post” for these influencers. Many bloggers will be happy to highlight quality work that combines genuine value to their platform.

The best advice is to go for it. A degree is not required and going to school doesn't guarantee employment. If going to school and earning a degree is something you desire, you should go for reasons beyond "becoming more hireable" and be smart when taking on debt. Getting your name and content on a notable site can subsequently convince an editor to give you a shot.

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