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Featured Career: Sports Photographer

Man jumping in the air on skis

There’s only a few seconds left in the game.

Your team is down but has a chance to win if they score the next point.

Everyone in the crowd leans in just a little bit closer with anticipation of what will happen next.

All eyes are glued to the star player of the team.

The clock starts ticking... Five - Four

The players scramble... Three - Two... the star player attempts the game-winning point…

Score! The buzzer sounds and your favorite team has won!

Amid all that chaos, one very talented photographer managed to get the perfect photo of the star player scoring the game-winning point. That very photo would go on to be featured as the front cover of every Newspaper, Sports magazine, and News publication worldwide. Its legacy will be commemorated in various types of team paraphernalia such as posters, shirts, mugs, hats, jackets, etc...

Just think of it - All of this is possible because of one photo, taken at the right moment, by the right person.

If you want to be “THAT” person, taking “THAT” photo, then a Sports Photographer may be the perfect job for you.

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Sports photographers are hired to capture quality photos of sporting events, athletes, and crowds cheering for their favorite team. Their photos are meant to convey a moment in time, to tell a story, or exemplify emotion. Their work is usually published in magazines such as Sports Illustrated, books, newspapers, Web pages, and other media sources.

Photographers working in this field must use their artistic vision to take pictures of fast-moving athletes during live sporting events. To be able to capture quick movements and subtle details on the athletes' faces, good equipment is a must-have. Multi-shutter-speed cameras, high-definition lenses with varying lengths of depth, and specialized tripods for stabilization are essential to be successful in this profession.

Keeping in mind that location is key, sports photographers need to be at the right place at the right time to get the best shots. They need to know where to position themselves to capture the best moments of the game. If photographers are too close to the action, they may get injured or interrupt play. If they are too far from the action, they could miss shots.

Sports photographers take many snapshots during a sporting event. This leads to scanning through hundreds if not thousands of photos, to pick the perfect one. While some use film-based cameras, many have switched to digital cameras. Digital cameras allow the photographer to easily crop and edit pictures on a computer without spending money on film and printing supplies. This also eliminates the need for a film room to develop photos. As a result, many photographers have become highly skilled with photo-enhancing software programs.

There is no one set of educational requirements to become a sports photographer. Some photographers obtain a bachelor's degree in photography or journalism, while others go through a 1-year intensive certificate program that focuses on the craft of photography. Many will gain experience on the job, but additional knowledge can be learned through conferences or seminars. The average salary can range from $35,000 to $70,000 depending on the level of expertise and photo quality.

If this sounds like something that interests you, I would implore you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. If you were tasked with the job of conveying a message with only a single picture - could you do it?

  2. Do you have a keen eye to capture the perfect shot at the right moment?

  3. Can you make yourself available in the right place, at the right time?

  4. Are you quick on your feet?

  5. Do you have a steady hand?

  6. Do you want to see your favorite Athletes up close in live-action?

If you answered Yes to all of these questions, then you may have what it takes to become

“THAT” person, taking “THAT” photo at the next major sporting event.

By: Brand Contributor

Getting Grown, LLC

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