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Featured Career: Horror Make-up Artist

Skeleton make-up artist

Sing with me! “It’s close to midnight! And something evil's lurking in the dark.

Under the __________, You see a sight that almost stops your heart!”

If you have absolutely no clue what the answer to those lyrics are, you’re simply DEAD wrong.

BUT! If you suddenly squealed with excitement at thoughts of jamming to ghoulish tunes and trying on creepy Halloween costumes, you may be able to turn your eerie fetish into an actual career as a Horror Make-up Artist!

Whether on-screen or stage, Make-up Artists (MUAs) bring life to all things visual and imaginable. There are many various genres; However, with Halloween soon approaching, Getting Grown is getting DARK! And we’re putting the focus on all the creepily wonderful contributes a Horror Make-up Artist can bring into existence.

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If considering this field, you have to possess an intense amount of creativity, with a unique perspective of turning the “Make-Believe” into Belief. You will usually find these leading-edge innovators working in industries such as:

Theatrical/Performance: This genre focuses on applying stage makeup and/or prosthetics, transforming characters, and captivating audiences. It’s not uncommon for these artists to be found backstage or in a performer’s dressing room. So don’t be surprised to see them CREEPING around the set. Although vastly different from special effects, some theatrical MUAs can be found working locally or internationally. Relocation is not uncommon for roles centered around the exquisite sets of Broadway to various production studios around the globe.

Special Effects: Special effects artists also known as “fantasy artists” create those phantomly horrifying special effects that give us goosebumps, while leaving us wanting more. They are experts in the use of prosthetics, plaster, and makeup with their FINAL DESTINATION being to transform men/women into monsters! Who do you think turned Vladimír Furdík into the icy White Walker we followed for 8 nail-biting seasons of Games of Thrones? Similar to theatrics, Extended global travel may be required for months at a time. So unless you are the Mother of Dragons, be prepared for ramped up air miles and long international flights.

Fashion industries: They may not be able to tell you much about the highway to Hell, but we’re sure they’ve had quite a bit of experience with the RUNWAY to Hell. Make-up Artists specializing in fashion are usually responsible for the maquillage of supermodels posing for commercial magazines, editorial photoshoots, and runway spectacles. Just as those listed above, these MUAs are frequently required to travel a great deal, both locally and abroad.

Playing a vital role in the production and lifeline of the entertainment industry, as well as promoting essential products and services, these MUAs are an unacknowledged, yet necessary attribute to the economical balance. A cosmetology degree is required with 3-5 years of minimal experience. Approximately 1500 to 2000 hours are needed to complete a typical program, taking an average of 1-3 years to complete. Spookily enough, students can learn a broad range of artful techniques, ranging from hair and makeup to skincare. To be considered for admission, a high school or equivalency diploma is usually required.

Contrarily, the one thing that Hogwarts and Harry Potter taught us is that some people are simply born with it! In this case, meaning the gift of not having to spend a single hour in a cosmetology class. They learn and eventually master the art of strategy, allowing them to make a name for themselves through entrepreneurship and stellar networking. The annual salary for this profession is very broad and mainly depends on the amount of work you put in. Employees and freelancers alike can make as little as $25,000 per year -or- as much as $3,500 per DAY! In other words, you can be light as a feather -OR- stiff as a board. It all depends on you!

So if you’re considering re-VAMPing your career options and enjoy travel, being a Horror Make-up Artist may be the perfect profession. It may seem a little SUPERNATURAL, but hey- We’ve seen Stranger Things!

By: Brand Contributor

Getting Grown, LLC

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