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Featured Career: Holiday Decorator

Collage of Holiday images

Tis the Season to be jolly!

Aside from the typical Scrooges’ of the world, 93% of Americans & Canadians report that during the holiday season, a sudden feeling of warmth & joy fills their kindred soul. Comfort is found in the making of ambrosial desserts, while sweet smells of cinnamon & nutmeg kindle the room. Smiles are exchanged and endearments come with ease with the first insignia of holiday lights.

For many, this whimsical enchantment is but a concert-view of what really takes place in Santa’s Castle. Behind the scenes, are those working hard hanging wreaths, stringing lights, creating design-themed trees, and rustic winter wonderlands. They are the elves of the real world. And they just-so-happen to be called “Holiday Decorators.”

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Skills needed for this type of role include the basic understandings of holiday equipment, such as ladders and possible lifts. Electrical knowledge along with the ability to lift 50 lbs is a must! A few of the countless roles holiday decorators can pursue include:

Corporate Event Decorating:

Team of people cheering at a Holiday party

While inflating 12-foot Snowmen and setting up the gingerbread displays may sound delightful, for bigger businesses, it’s merely a string of tasks on a never-ending holiday to-do list. If you enjoy decorating for the holidays and enthrall a touch of corporate savviness, you may be able to become very profitable working for larger enterprises. Usually, these enterprises will hire Event Firms to do their holiday-themed decorating for them. This grants them the opportunity to dedicate their time where it is needed most- managing their company. Many corporate agents report that depending on the extent of decorations, the client was charged between $1,500 and $5,000 for set-up and take-down. Commonly, individuals think of Christmas when referring to "holiday decorating;" however, corporate roles can include the corporate representation for additional holidays celebrated around the world such as New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day. This certifies the need for annual full-time employment.

Retail/ Craft Stores:

Christmas décor on display for sale at a Christmas market

It’s a huge misconception that only bigger companies pay to have their holiday decor displayed. In recent years, it’s become a hassle big enough to spark a trend for smaller businesses to jump on board, now leaving the holiday decorating to someone else. If you’d rather not fish for clients as a freelancer, consider working for a local company that offers decorating services around the holidays. Although you’re likely to earn a lower wage, you’ll have predictable earnings and schedules. Being a team player is required, as you will most likely have co-workers and managers to interact with. It is important not to allow differences of opinions to affect your ability when decorating. A bit of compromise and proper communication is sure to keep you off of the dreaded “Naughty List”.

Theater/Entertainment Industry:

All White Mardi Gras masks sitting on colorful ornaments

Who doesn’t love a good Hallmark movie? The jaw-dropping decor paired with stunning sets leaves us star-gazed with thoughts of fairy-tales, sugar plum, and all things fascinating. Holiday decorators are responsible for the charisma of a scene. Whether it be for Broadway, Movie production, or Theater, these particular roles often require an interior design degree with the ability to take constructive criticism when necessary. Teamwork is also essential, as it is very likely you will be working with or directing a crew.


A woman placing a Holiday table cloth on the table

For the entrepreneurially-minded go-getters, there are many perks to starting a holiday decorating business, including:

  • Minimal startup investment.

  • Seasonality allows you to be flexible with your time.

  • No specific training is required.

  • You can grow your business at your own pace through referrals from satisfied customers.

Taking a photo of a Christmas tree

A business license, plans, pricing menu, & marketing budgets should be established no less than 3-6 months prior to accepting your first client.

Just like any other business, holiday decorating can have it’s cons as well. Be sure to keep in mind that it can take time to build up your client base. Proper staff training needs to be performed, as well as adequate liability insurance in the case of potential dangers or inclement weather. Seasonal work may also be financially straining, forcing you to pick up another day-job if you aren’t careful.

Becoming a holiday decorator isn’t as difficult as one may imagine. What it first begins with is creative vision and a deep love for holiday splendor. Although some upscale holiday decorators may possess a degree in interior design or landscaping, anyone with credible experience can pursue these jingly gigs. Believe it or not, holiday decorators can make anywhere from $17 per hour to almost half a million dollars in a 6-month timeframe. Although this particular role offers an almost dream-like lifestyle, be sure working long night hours won’t cause your own family time to be neglected.

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