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Featured Career: Headhunter


Okay, so I know what you're thinking. You think that as a headhunter, you're going to be dubbed some mythical being that goes out galloping on a horse during the night chopping off the heads of your enemies, right? Well, as awesomely nerdy as that sounds, a modern-day headhunter is not precisely a collector of heads but rather a searcher for them. Nowadays, headhunters, also called executive recruiters, are referred to as individuals that look for experienced people to place in the position(s) that a company is looking to fill. They act as a liaison between the company hiring the applicant. Employee recruitment came about from the workplace gaps that resulted from the call for men to join the war efforts of World War II, which created the need for staffing agencies. Then after the war ended, these executive recruiters helped to find work for the returning soldiers.

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Fast forward to present day, executive recruiters have simply become “recruiters”-no executive needed! A recruiter is someone who works with applicants through the hiring process. Also referred to as third-party recruiters, these individuals enlist prospective hirees from outside the company's structure. They no longer work in-house for the hiring company, but instead for themselves or an outside agency. They are only paid when they are successful in placing a candidate in a job role. Once securing a match, both the person hired and the recruiter are paid a commission (typically 15 to 30% of the candidate's first year's salary).

candidate search

Job success depends on creating personal ties and intercommunicating to gain clients and find fitting candidates for the job openings they have been elected to fill. Most recruiters make between 40-75 calls per day. They might attempt to convince potential candidates that "this job" is the job for them or email notable candidates that they find from resumes on networking websites whose skills match those of the trade to be filled.

As of Feb 8, 2021, The average annual salary for a headhunter in the United States, is $45,330 a year. Most employers require a Bachelor's degree in a related field for headhunter positions, such as business, human resources, or communications. Many recruiters start as researchers for an established headhunter. If considering taking this career path, there are several essential steps that you can take toward achieving your goal. These include job recruiter education requirements, skills, advanced courses, mentorship, and certifications. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employers may require or prefer applicants with professional certifications. Organizations like the HR Certification Institute offer a variety of certification options. Pursuing these credentials typically requires either passing an exam and meeting experience or education requirements.

Hired, shaking hands

Becoming a headhunter (recruiter) will take several years but has a tangible payoff. Students can gain experience in an internship or entry-level position, like a customer service representative. Prospective recruiters can strengthen their organizational skills, social capacity, and practical communication abilities in these positions. With a bit of determination and a hint of good luck, you’re sure to get A-HEAD!

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