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Featured Career: Concierge


If you are the type of person that finds joy in helping others, working as a concierge in the hospitality profession may be just the type of work for you. The title "concierge" first emerged in France in the Middle Ages. This title was applied to the officers of the royal palace guard whose duty was to protect the king in his palace, and the keyholder in the royal households. It wasn't until the mid-20th century that the concierge became a must-have feature of North American hotels, apartment buildings,& upscale penthouse complexes.

Hotel Staff

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The modern-day concierge is an employee of a multi-tenant building, such as a hotel or apartment building, who receives guests. This concept has been applied more generally to other hospitality settings and personal concierges who manage the errands of private clients. Different settings to consider are shopping malls, corporate office settings, hospitals, real estate offices, and even yacht companies. Depending on the environment, their responsibilities may include welcoming customers upon entrance and confirming reservations, handling the storage of luggage, understanding customer's needs and providing them with personalized solutions by suggesting activities, restaurants, bars, and clubs to guests, arranging errands such as grocery delivery and dry cleaning services, and taking and delivering messages.

While hospitality management may not be the most dominant business major, hospitality professionals are absolutely essential in the lives of travelers. The average salary is between $16,000 to $24,000 based on education and experience. The more accurate wage may vary depending on factors like experience level, geographic location, or specific duties of the position. If having a little cash in your pockets every day is an incentive for you, hotel and resort industry concierge positions report receiving regular tips, usually totaling an average of $50-$300 per day.

Concierge helping

Candidates for a concierge position should have excellent office and computer skills, the ability to provide professional communication in all environments, strong organizational, communication, and verbal skills, in-depth understanding of essential hospitality standards and company policies, time management and resource management, proven skills in developing relations with guests, vendors and internal departments, and the ability to project a professional and knowledgeable demeanor. The Concierge position varies so widely that some positions may require a bachelor's or an associate degree in a field such as hospitality or hotel management. In contrast, others may only require a high school diploma.

Concierge at desk

The preparation you get with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hospitality administration or hospitality management will give you an edge over those who don’t have these degrees. Annual Tuition costs can fluctuate between $7,000 and $14,000 depending on the school and minor chosen. A role in a medical office may require knowledge or training for medical office procedures and practices. Most Concierge positions require up to 3 years in a similar or equivalent placement. Previous hospitality experience is a must in the hotel industry. Depending on the company's needs, a background in customer service while working autonomously is preferred. Lastly, a good knowledge of local restaurants, exhibits, services, and shopping is generally required.

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