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Featured Career: Chocolatier

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Delicious Chocolate pieces

On those long hard days when you’ve been juggling work, kids, and chores- There is nothing more satisfying than taking a long slow breath, followed by a hot bath and a LARGE glass of wine. But even better than wine (I’m sure you’re wondering what could possibly be better than wine), there often remains a very delicious and overlooked accompaniment- Chocolate!

Many people may not realize that there are 2 types of individuals in this world.

  1. Those who occasionally indulge in a titillating nibble here and there.

  2. Those who can quite literally live, eat and breathe chocolate.

If you happen to fall into Category 2, then becoming a Chocolatier may be the perfect career for you!

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While deliciously satisfying thoughts of spending your days creating decadent works of art may sound like you’ve gone to sleep and woken up in chocolate heaven, there’s actually a lot more to becoming a chocolatier than you may know. So what exactly is a chocolatier and how can you become one?

A chocolatier is a chef who specializes in chocolate. Using complete finesse and unmitigated creativity, these artists construct elegant sculptures from various chocolate using a mix of art and chemistry, constantly enhancing the science of this sweet confection. Chocolatiers are responsible for calculating the way the chocolate breaks apart and whether it melts in your mouth, requiring countless excuses to taste and assess their work.

Having a steady hand can give you a major advantage, being that the actual chocolate-making process can be quite long and complicated. Very precise techniques need to be mastered, including molding, dipping and decorating. Although sometimes tedious, many who work in this particular field find solace during the decorating phase. Imagination is key as unique shapes, colors, and textures are brought to life right before your eyes!

Aside from having the opportunity to create bewitching truffles and bars, there is plenty of education and training that must take place before being considered a “chocolate expert”. For example, did you know that chocolate must be “tempered”, meaning it has to be cooled very slowly? A small change in the temperature of the room can ruin an entire batch – so patience is vital. Also, you and your tastebuds must be in sync at all times. Chocolatiers need excellent attention to detail and knowledge of various flavors- some as simple as an injection of maple syrup, while others being as odd and complex as incorporating bleu cheese and bacon into a tiny chocolate morsel. Nevertheless, with passion and persistence, you too can be the real-life sugarplum fairy. But how you wonder?

To become a Chocolatier, you must first have experience in the culinary industry. This can simply be previous relevant work experience, enrollment in a culinary school/curriculum, or apprenticeship programs that pay little but give paramount foundations.

Work usually consists of a minimum of 40 hours per week including weekends, with an average US salary of $40,000 per year. However, more hours may be required during busy seasonal holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas. If considering relocation to Europe, many well-renowned boulangeries can pay up to $100,000 annually! Those interested in running their own business must have excellent entrepreneurial skills. Self-employed Chocolatiers make most of their money from owning private bakeries, world-class pâtisseries, and even creating remote online businesses.

Sweet right?

By: Brand Contributor

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