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Featured Career: Cartoon Animator (Part 1)

Getting Grown with Mr. Arbre in his garden

Once upon a time, 2 young adults were left feeling unsatisfied with their careers, as well as their comprehension of financial intelligence. In 2015, Getting Grown was conceived, with the idea of creating an online app/ game that would teach children and adults financial intelligence, without trading education for play.

A 2D tree mascot was unanimously crafted with the intention of symbolizing human growth & evolution while promoting positivity. In the year 2020, the mascot was converted into an older, more mature 3D Graphic/Animation. With vigor & enthusiasm, He was given a name- Mr. Richard Arbre, although you can call him "Rich" for short.

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If you’ve been following the Getting Grown development, you’ve most likely seen the evolution of our beloved, Monsieur Arbre. Through the use of eye-catching character designs, graphics, and outstanding cartoon animation, Mr. Arbre has been brought to life. He is an essential part of the Getting Grown family and has aged quite gracefully.

Having a desire to create a more animated experience for our prospective players, a decision was made to hire an animator to begin the cartoon-making process. However, our frolicsome spirits were put to an immediate halt, as we soon began to realize the complete encompassment of the punctilious tasks needed to bring our vision to life. Diving into animation from a career/employment aspect was very different from watching an already completed version of Pixar’s Soul or Disney’s Frozen.

Initially, we were under the impression that because our company was already in the process of developing such a complex mobile game, it would be justifiable that our workers already possessed the skills needed to also create a cartoon animation. We soon learned this was not the case and that the world of game development and the world of animation are 2 completely different considerations. Our team thought it best to start by researching the necessary steps required to assure cartoon success, especially with only a couple of months remaining until game launch- PHEW!

In the life of entrepreneurship, it’s nearly impossible to know everything. For this reason, it is sometimes best to hire the right workers/freelancers who are considered “experts” in their trade. Keeping this in mind, we interviewed various animators from different areas around the globe, being sure to assess their skill levels and past portfolios. After nearly a month of edits and corrections, an un-colored demo video was crafted for our approval.

Bliss filled our hearts for a mere second, until the inevitable reality settled, reminding us there was still much work left to do. As fascinating as it was to see a graphic turned animation, the components of sound & musical selections must never be overlooked. Mr. Arbre needed a voice. Otherwise, our animation would be no different than the days when silent movies were in style. It’s 2021 and lucky for us, technology has advanced. After extensive deliberation and an overall desire to be unique, we capriciously determined that Monsieur Arbre would speak English with a strong, yet understandable French accent.

Our team was able to dive into this mysterious world of “voice acting” while conducting several SUPER FUN interviews with authentic French voice actors to find the “perfect voice” for our whimsical Monsieur Richard Arbre. In fact, this task made work seem like play in such a way that we nearly forgot we were working. From the comfort of our home, 10 actors were interviewed, all being required to provide audio file auditions remotely, with the click of a button. 3 examples are provided below, summarizing a small portion of auditions completed.

Certainly not without delays, our project was completed. But Best of All, our team was lucky enough to submerge our consciousness into a career field we knew nothing about; and now- we’re sharing a sneak pique of the finished result with you. Check back in a couple of weeks for part 2 of our Featured Career, providing you all the info needed to begin your own career as a cartoon animator.

Au Revoir Mes Amis!

By: Brand Contributor

Getting Grown, LLC

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