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Featured Career: Career Coach

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Career Coach

As a child, imagination allows us to believe that we can become anything our little hearts and minds can visually create. We are curious. We are fearless. We are persistent. We have this innocent, yet hedonistic desire to take in all the experiences and joys that life continues to offer.

Over time, the responsibilities of adulthood can sometimes damper the youthful spirits and ambitions once exhibited. But why? There’s no golden rule that says it has to be that way. Often, we become comfortable in an uncomfortable situation, leading to stagnation of our true life’s passion. This is especially true pertaining to the career/ job portion of life. Picking a career path that will provide fulfillment and self-gratification for the remainder of one’s lifetime can appear to be quite worrisome.

To assist with job-search anxiety, there are a growing number of professionals who can help make your search a bit easier— Career Coaches.

Man holding sign in front of his face that says coaching, skills, goals, career, inspire, vision, plan, listen

In general, a career coach provides solution-oriented approaches, which involve working with clients to see what necessary steps can be taken to achieve their career objectives. Researching possible career options, searching for meaningful job openings that match their career interests, and providing adequate tools in regards to résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile suggestions are just a few of the roles career coaches oversee.

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There are a number of assessments that can help guide the client’s prospective career path, such as personality tests, occupational interest evaluations, accomplishment exercises, and job-description analyses that can pinpoint the kind of work and workplaces that are the best fit for someone.

When working with organizations, Career Coaches help with staff training and development, role transitions, and employment-related issues. Clients are given advice on current work situations (whether freelancers, employees, or executives), helping them develop or improve their stress management, leadership, communication, interpersonal goals, self-confidence, and conflict-management skills. Networking and maintaining positive relationships to actively promote career opportunities is imperative to maintain client satisfaction.

In pursuit of becoming a career coach, you should first make a personal assessment to confirm that you are happy with your own current career development. Picking the right career can be a lifelong occupational dream -OR- nightmare; therefore, it is crucial that coaches consider the behavioral, emotional, and/or psychological aspects that could impede. It is important to have a natural capacity for being able to give advice, while not being over-influencing in your client’s life choices.

Image of a man with puzzle pieces for his head

It’s no surprise that aspiring career coaches commonly possess a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, career or life coaching, or a similar discipline. However, no Bachelor’s degree= no problem. Not all career coaches have university clinical training. Completion and certification from an accredited program curriculum are sufficient, as long as it is followed with substantial training & competency.

The pace of a career coach can vary depending on if you’re a company owner in a quiet office setting or an Academic career counselor, located at a bustling University. Even so, the work environment is usually spent in a climate-controlled office setting. Salaries can range from $45,000 to $80,000 depending on whether the job is in private practice, a school setting, or a government agency. Although some self-employees and entrepreneurs can make six or seven-figures annually.

Mae West quoted, You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. If you are doing something you really, truly enjoy, it shouldn’t feel like work. At the end of the day, finding and growing in a job that aligns with your interests, personal goals, and core values can help you feel fulfilled in your career.

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