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Creative Halloween Recipes Your Kids Will Enjoy

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Halloween cupcakes

Trick or Treat! Halloween is almost here and many have already started decorating their homes to match the spooky yet festive holiday. However, did you know you can even decorate your food to promote the Halloween spirit?

From Halloween cupcakes to milkshakes inspired by Frankenstein’s monster, there is certainly no shortage when it comes to fun Halloween-themed recipes that will have your kids salivating at first sight.

Check out some of the following creative Halloween recipes that your kids will enjoy during this spooky season.

1. Mummy Hotdogs

Give your kids a fun and creative Halloween-themed snack before they go out trick-or-treating for the night. After all, their costumes don’t have to be the only things showcasing creativity, right?

These mummy hot dogs require only a few things to create but simple as they are, they do the job of both being delicious and amusing your kids during snack time. You will only need the following for this best Halloween recipe:


· Hotdogs (as many as you want)

· Refrigerated crescent rolls or make your own from scratch using breadstick dough

· Optional: ketchup or mustard


1. First, pre-heat your oven to 375°F. While it’s heating up, proceed to the next steps.

2. Create four rectangles from the dough, whether it’s crescent rolls or your own.

3. Once you’ve separated them into 4 rectangles, use a knife to cut each piece of dough vertically length-wise, making 10 pieces for each rectangle. You should have roughly around 40 equal strips of dough.

4. Next, wrap the dough strips around the hotdogs, making them appear like bandages. Leave room for the eyes of the mummy.

5. Once you have wrapped the hotdogs with dough, bake them in your pre-heated oven for around 13 to 17 minutes or until the dough appears a light golden brown.

6. Optional: Use the mustard or ketchup to add features to the mummy hotdogs.

Mummy Hotdogs

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2. Frankenshake

Of course, no meal is complete without a drink, right? Inspired by the famous literary figure, Frankenstein’s monster, this recipe for milkshakes will have you shaking in your shoes, perhaps literally.

It’s a bit more complicated than the mummy hotdogs, but it’s still easy enough that you can do it with your kids for Halloween snack time. Check out the recipe below.


· 3 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate chips

· 4 pieces of chocolate-covered caramels

· 20 pieces of chocolate wafer cookies, crushed

· 2 pints of vanilla ice cream

· 3-4 drops of healthy green food coloring

· ¼ tsp of peppermint extract

· ½ cup of milk

· freezer-safe glass mug


1. First, you need to heat the chocolate chips until fully melted.

2. Using the melted chocolate, draw an outline of Frankenstein’s face on a glass mug.

a. Recreate Frankenstein’s hairline by using the melted chocolate to draw a “zigzag” pattern on the mug. As an option: You can also press crushed wafer cookies to give texture to the hair.

b. Create the bolts in Frankenstein’s head by putting 2 dollops of chocolate on each side of the mug. Next, press 2 pieces of wafer chocolate onto them. This will allow the wafers to properly stick.

3. Place the glass mug in the freezer until the chocolate hardens.

4. While waiting, create the milkshake itself. To do this, you need to mix the milk and ice cream in the blender, blending them until you get a smooth texture.

5. Add 3 to 4 drops of green food coloring as well as the peppermint extract, then blend until the colors mix. (We recommend using organic & non-GMO food coloring if possible)

6. To complete the milkshake, pour the blend into the glass and cover the top with crushed wafer cookies. Enjoy!


Final Thoughts

Halloween is a time where children and adults alike can showcase their creativity and come up with some truly amazing creations in the form of the best Halloween recipes.

From costumes to recipes, use this holiday to channel the inner artist in you and highlight this in fun creative snacks your kids can enjoy. When it comes to Halloween idea recipes, the sky is the limit. You may also let your little ones decide on which kids Halloween recipes they want for this festive season. Most importantly, enjoy the treats and form delectable memories.

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