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Creative Crafts for the Autumn Soul

Children playing in leaves and doing fun crafts

There’s a unique beauty to autumn when the excitement of summer is finally beginning to wind down. It’s a season when most activities are focused indoors, rather than outdoors, and when the hot summer breeze is slowly transitioning to the cool air of winter.

It is during this season, that people begin to slow down, allowing them the opportunity to collect themselves and prepare for the somewhat harsh nature of the winter months.

Embracing the magic of this remarkable season calls for the 3 quintessentials: Hot Chocolate, Holiday-Inspired Movies, and you guessed it- Autumn crafting!

With that said, here are some creative crafting ideas that you can do to harness your inner artist and showcase the unique beauty only autumn has to offer.

1. Pumpkin Vase

Although more popularly known for its role in the spooky holiday of Halloween, the pumpkin is a beloved symbol of the autumn season as well. So, what better way to honor the season than by making it the centerpiece in your dining area?

pumpkin vase with pretty flowers

Perfect for dinner parties, a pumpkin vase can help spruce up your table, allowing you to bring an element of autumn into your home.

For this, all you need is a pumpkin, a plastic cup, and some flowers. To create your unique pumpkin vase, you simply have to carve a hole on the topmost part of the pumpkin, big enough to slide the plastic cup in.

Fill the cup with water and arrange your flowers accordingly. You can even paint the pumpkin to create a truly stunning autumn-themed centerpiece.

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2. Apple Wreath

Apple wreath

The apple is yet another symbol of this season, with many individuals engaging in the delightful pleasures of apple picking during this time of year. And with the holidays just around the corner, what better way to show off the beauty of autumn while indulging in the holiday spirit by incorporating apples into your wreath?

It’s an easy to do craft, allowing you to integrate the season of autumn into your holiday decorations. For this, all you need are apples (faux or real), some leaves, and a circular base to glue your items to.

To create your apple wreath, simply glue the apples in a circular pattern while adding leaves in to make your wreath pop! We’ve noticed Maple leaves can give the absolute best effect. When picking apples, keep in mind that faux apples are perfect for someone who prefers to create a piece that will last through the years. However, for those who prefer a more realistic display, making your wreath with real apples may be the best option.

In addition, you can add other items like Holiday balls, ornaments, and flowers to make it look more stunning.

3. Acorn Wall Art

Fall surely lives up to its name, as everything seems to “fall” down to the ground during the autumn season. This is true for the leaves, the rain, and the snow. However, acorns are no exceptions. They are known to fall and germinate during autumn, which means they are in abundance during this season.

Acorn wall art

To create your artwork, all you need are some acorns, glue, glitter, a paintbrush, cardstock paper, and a frame.

To begin, coat the acorns with glue then roll them in glitter. After letting the glitter dry, glue it to the card stock in the design of your choice. Be creative, using plenty of colors and natural Autumn elements. Lastly, let it dry, frame it, and hang it on your wall to welcome the Autumn splendor. Easy, right?

Final Thoughts

Autumn is a uniquely beautiful time during the year when the energy from summer is beginning to wind down to make room for the period of rest that is winter. The aforementioned crafts are easy enough to create and they showcase the unique elements that symbolize this wonderful period of transition.

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