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Can Learning a New Language Improve your Job Chances?

Little girl looking at hello in different languages

There has been ongoing research to learning a new language and its correlation to obtaining the career of your dreams! One might ask whether a new language can actually boost a candidate's success rate.

While the answer is yes, the most important question is, “How can it improve your job chances?” There are several benefits of learning a second language such as:

1. Skillset Addition

Once you have mastered a foreign language, you can add it to your resume. This one-of-a-kind accomplishment will make a great addition to your existing skillset. This is one of the biggest reasons why learning a foreign language is important.

2. Flexibility in Career Choice

The advantage of being multilingual is the flexibility it provides in making career choices. This boon can lead to an increased likelihood of landing a unique job that may even command higher pay. This is how learning a second language helps your future career.

An interpreter or translator, for example, can be one of your potential career options. Companies prefer human translators over software-based translators. This preference is according to the varying rules that govern every single language.

3. Competitive Edge in Interviews

Other available jobs expect an applicant to speak a foreign language. The purpose of this qualification is to fill the communication gap between employees.

One benefit of acquiring this skill is that it gives you a competitive edge in job interviews. The foreign language can make you a preferred candidate over the rest of the monolingual aspirants.

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4. Enhanced Decision Making

Learning a foreign language paves the way for enhanced decision-making skills. Companies are not only looking for skillful polyglots but are also recruiting contenders who are efficient at making improved business decisions.

The ability to make better choices is a must in every corporate setting. It optimizes business performance and generates better results.

5. Established Relationship

Working at a company that promotes diversity lets you establish relationships with ease. When you talk to a few specific colleagues in their dialect, you are making them feel comfortable.

Communicating from a professional standpoint helps yield exceptional business results. This relationship-building asset can be a precursor to possible employment abroad.

6. Career Growth Avenue

Polyglots have a greater probability of working abroad due to their distinctive expertise.

Foreign enterprises demand multilingual professionals to assist them in discovering new business opportunities. As a result, a prospective seeker's appeal to international corporations becomes recognized.

This avenue for career growth should be enough to convince you to learn a new language.

7. Vast Professional Network

Mastering a second language allows you to become more knowledgeable of different cultures.

Awareness of other people's opinions and preferences is an essential networking skill. You can meet new people and establish professional connections through their native tongue. Maybe even make some great life-long friends along the way!

8. Marketing and Advertising

Almost every company around the world has its own marketing and advertising department. Recruiters at some point will seek qualified prospects for this business division.

The key purpose of having a marketing polyglot is to gain new local and foreign customers. You may have the opportunity to create catchy slogans or taglines that reach world-wide audiences. This is an accomplishment that can lead to future employment offers with famous conglomerates, opportunities into self-entrepreneurship, or the possibility of becoming a renowned influencer in the marketing community.


Learning a new language is not only fun and exciting, but it’s also a great way to enhance your career growth. There are many benefits of knowing a second language in the workplace. Nowadays, there are various apps to help you learn a new language in the comfort of your home. And many are Free, so do check them out to get ahead of the game.

By: Brand Contributor

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