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A Road to Enlightenment

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

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The world is currently in a state of economic chaos, with no clear direction or understanding of money management and/or financial intelligence. Individuals are frantically searching for a means to improve their financial situation, yet have no idea what necessary first steps to take. However, the one question that seems to baffle us all is, “What can I do about it?” This sad and inevitable problem is no longer just putting a strain on the mid and older adult population. It has unleashed its wrath on the teenage and young adult population as well. Many high school graduates are clueless about what their career aspirations are, with little guidance and scattered available resources.

As a former registered nurse turned company founder, I can relate to the confusion of struggling to find your true life’s calling. Mark Twain brilliantly quoted, "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Through frequent mistakes and life-long lessons, I can vouch for the statement, “There is nothing more frustrating than knowing you have a greater purpose, yet having no idea how to achieve it.”

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If you’re reading this Getting Grown Blog, you’ve taken the first step to financial self-education. This is the greatest step because before action can be taken, one first needs to be properly educated. And by “educated”, we don’t just mean the subjects of math and science. We mean the subjects of career knowledge and financial education. Initiating a commencement of this knowledge is intended to plant a small seed into the minds and hearts of both children and young adults that will allow them to grow up with a better concept of who they’d like to become while promoting a clearer road to happiness and an early understanding of the overall preparation of life.

Our company’s mission was to implement a strategy of providing an introductory foundation to financial and career education by subconsciously teaching individuals these concepts in the form of a mobile game. After many years and not without failures, Getting Grown was brought to life and successfully launched.

A systematic and playful method was created to provide a literacy intended to prevent future self-unfulfillment by being introduced to important life matters and scenarios in a fun and quirky way. I can imagine you’d find it hard to believe that learning about careers, managing bank accounts, and investing could be fun. But Getting Grown does it in such an informative, yet whimsical way, you’ll barely know you’re learning!

In addition, the introductions of inflation, credit scores, credit cards, college preparation, and student loans are also explained in such a way that both a 10-year-old or an adult can understand. Unlike many other games, the perseverance behind Getting Grown is not about who finishes first; It is about which player has made the highest “Return on Investments” upon completing the game. But we’ll let our charming company mascot, Monsieur Arbre tell you more about that!

When playing Getting Grown, a player will be allowed to take various paths. Some of your paths will be college degree employees, non-degree employees, trade school employees, self-employed, entrepreneurs, athletes, and even college students. As in life, each game can be influenced based on chance and a player’s strategic choices. Dollar amounts will vary and the path may suddenly be changed. With this in mind, no game should ever be the same. Getting Grown will be available for download soon on Facebook, Google Play, and the IOS App Store. And the best news of all- It’s Free!

By: Founder & CEO

Getting Grown, LLC

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