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10 New Year's Resolutions you should add to your list

10 New Year's Resolutions you should add to your list

The arrival of a new year always brings great expectations, along with premeditated desires for personal growth and momentous changes. Whether small or massive, these resolutions often result in unreal goals that either eventually get tossed aside or become an annual carousel of procrastinated pretensions. One thing 2020 has taught us is that life is precious and the present moment is the connecting puzzle piece to both our past and future.

As a fresh start to the New Year, we’ve listed The 10 Most Typical New Year's Resolutions and what you can do to achieve these goals in a real way.

1) Lose weight / go to the gym

A woman measuring her waist

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular New Year's resolutions and also the goal that is often left unfulfilled. This self-promise normally lasts no longer than two to three months before it is forgotten and procrastinated as next year’s to-do task. Keep in mind that losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires patience and persistence. Just as in the business world, sometimes it’s best to put your health in the hands of an expert. A great first step is to consult a nutritionist and do a check-up with your healthcare provider to assess your overall health status and pinpoint what areas of your life need changing. It’s also an excellent idea to utilize support centers and join like-minded groups who will motivate and encourage you in a positive way. Lastly, gradually start increasing your exercise regimen. Each week, slightly push yourself a little harder. With time and perseverance, your endurance will improve and you will be one step closer toward a healthier life.

2) Give up smoking

A woman breaking a cigarette.

How many times have you not heard this promise? For most smokers, giving up smoking is both a desire and a major difficulty. That is why you should not take this decision lightly. Make a plan on the best way to quit, always respecting your own limitations. You can also resort to treatments that must be carried out with medical supervision or over-the-counter (OTC) options. Meditation can help to lessen the temptation for tobacco usage. A final recommendation would be to substitute your smoking praxis in exchange for a habit/hobby that’s healthier. This can be something physical like exercise or something spiritual like drumming.

3) Change jobs

A woman holding a tablet computer within an office setting

Staying at a job or in a role you’re unhappy with will only bring frustration and unfulfillment. FEAR is the dreaded monster that more frequently than not stagnates our dreams of advancement and possibility. Make this New Year different and find ways to discover your passions. Are you secretly a Mom turned digital marketer? A pandemic victim turned Entrepreneur? A college graduate turned front-line pandemic worker? If currently dissatisfied with your work, make a decision to either change your situation or find a way to be happier in it. If your big goal is to get a new job or change companies or areas, think about the whole process in advance: prepare a brilliant resume, research the company you’re interested in, invest in your image and personal marketing. These are the key steps to conquering fear and finding professional consummation.

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4) Save more

USA paper money sticking out of a jar

Here lies the clichést’ of them all. All so often, at the beginning of a new year, plans are made to save for a house, a car, to travel, or just to have working capital. It starts well; however, typical life mayhems sometimes cause our hard-earned cash to end up going down the drain, leaving little or no room for saving. Along with holiday gifts putting a dent in wallets near and far, it’s quite understandable why resolutions are made towards more impactful money management. To ensure stability and financial success, start by analyzing what expenses are necessities and eliminate superfluous ones. Educate yourself on different methods to bring in extra income, just making sure it aligns with your passion. Exercise financial control by putting away a set monthly allowance to be kept in a savings account, or invested with proper education.

5) Read more

A woman reading a book on a hammock

"This year I will read 12 books!” Sounds familiar? With the technological digital advancements available, many individuals, especially millennials, have lost interest in the intriguing fascination a good book can provide. Technology may be convenient; however, reading can foster both peace and tranquillity. Whether for professional purposes or as a hobby, to remain faithful to reading, it is necessary to have quality time, a well-lit space to prevent eye strains, and preferably, a quiet place. Be sure to choose books that pique your interest and align with your joys.

6) Learn something NEW

A woman cooking while following instructions from a tablet computer

Playing a musical instrument, learning a new language, or cooking are just some of the many hobbies people often inspire to inaugurate as a resolution for the new year. Begin by finding an activity you enjoy. A person is less likely to stick with a sport, hobby, or pastime that doesn’t make them happy. Next, ask a friend or family member who shares the same goals to join. Having someone to help aid in accountability will stimulate the other individual in the face of challenges and discouragement that may arise during the learning process. Be sure to make this new hobby a part of your routine. Set specific times and dates dedicated to the education and learning of your new avocation. Always remember that although learning something new is a brilliant form of self-improvement, consistency is the true key to success.

7) Spend quality time with the family

Mother - Father - Daughter - Son - Entire family laughing in a bed.

Many families reach the end of the year and regret not spending as much quality time with each other as they would like. With the arrival of this exuberant new year, commit to eliminating extra activities. If working late has been an issue, make a firm commitment to improving on this, setting boundaries with work/life balance. Try to make more frequent plans to go out with your family at least once a month for family nights. If money is limited, game nights can create the perfect low-budget family-friendly atmosphere. Try new activities to promote adventure and enthusiasm. These are small attitudes that can bring you closer to those you love and exponentially improve everyone's emotional bonds.

8) Travel more

Man pushing girl on top of rolling luggage at an airport with excitement

Traveling and getting to know the world is one of the most typical New Year's resolutions. Dejectedly, time passes and before you know it, a New Year has resurged without the reserving of a single trip. Some believe that traveling is equivalent to putting a hole in your wallet, but in reality, it is undoubtedly an enrichment to your soul. Somehow, taking a trip to somewhere new can spark a level of consummation that you never knew existed. It can introduce your mind to new possibilities that may have been unchartered prior. Historical education, cultural enlightenment, Geographical awareness, and Unaccustomed appetizing meals make traveling one of the absolute BEST New Years' resolutions to add to the bucket list.

9) Volunteering

Group of diverse people huddling up together

Altruism may seem very rare nowadays; however, many people feel pleasure and contentment in helping others. For this resolution to be implemented, start by deciding how you want to help. What are your philanthropic infatuations? Are you an individual who enjoys teaching, taking care of the elderly, developing social projects, or the idea of creating your own non-profit? For those uninterested in volunteering at an institution, there are countless ways to provide community assistance from sitting-services, environmental clean-ups, and assisting the homeless. Benevolence has no limit and can quite literally, change the life of someone in need all because of you.

10) Be more aware of your health

A woman having a doctor visit with a female doctor

The Dalai Lama quoted, “Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

This didactic ascertainment continues to remain true. This final resolution is unquestionably the most critical, yet underachieved self-promise an individual can make to themselves.

Lack of time and money remains one of the most utilized excuses for not adequately caring for one’s health.

Health should never be neglected because simply put - the quality of life becomes non-existent without the presence of a wholesome body. Make a commitment by scheduling an appointment for a general check-up. Specialist consultations may be required in the case abnormalities should be suspected. In addition, establish a plan for dedicating time to diet improvements, exercise, and mastering stress levels.

Final Thoughts

In this present moment, it is a good idea to reflect on our past, but do not bring the mistakes of it into today- only it’s lessons. Ponder in excitement for the future, but do not allow the anxieties of uncertainty to dominate your mind. In this present moment, change and improve whatever afflictions distract us from the happiness of life’s true joys.

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