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Your Choices Determine If Your Business Will Succeed or Fail.

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Anyone Can Start a Business...

Can You Make it Profitable is the Question?

Entrepreneurship is more often than not, confused with being self-employed. While self employees can easily make millions of dollars with complete career gratification, Entrepreneurs have somewhat different obligations. A few of these obligations include corporate travel, important business meetings, managing employees, and investing.

Usually, if a self-employee is unable to fulfill their roles, their business may cease to bring in profits. True entrepreneurship builds towards creating a company foundation so strong that even without your imminent presence- your business will continue to generate revenue. 

Just think of Steve Jobs & Apple!

Are you aware of the countless responsibilities that come with Entrepreneurship?


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Just like the Athlete path, players start the game with $1 Million Dollars!

Still- can you reach Enlightenment by beating your competitor's ROI scores?

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