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We want to hear more!


Getting Grown, LLC would like to request your participation in a new initiative that is being implemented in October 2020.


This initiative focuses on educating both youth and adults about the many career paths that are available through the eyes and stories of those who have actually “lived” that path.


So many individuals choose a life path that they later regret. This is due to a lack of education in regard to available career options. It has been said on multiple platforms that knowledge is power. We ask that you assist our organization in providing the necessary knowledge to prevent future regrets in both our youth, as well as our adult population.


OR… Perhaps it’s just the opposite. There are many in this world that love what they do! Their passion makes work feel like play. And that’s what life’s all about. We ask that you share this story so that others may possibly have the opportunity to find the life joy that you have found.


Even if it’s a mix of both, Getting Grown would like to know.


So how can you help? 

We want to hear your story. Nothing More. Nothing Less. Simply click on the "Next" button below to answer 15 short questions about your Career Story.


Each Month, Getting Grown will share an individual’s “Career Story” to be featured on our company blog and social media page(s).

We thank you for your time and hope that you join us in educating individuals in a way that only you can because only you know your story. This will be your contribution.



  Getting Grown, LLC