Make Mistakes in the Game, so in real life- You don't have to.

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In case you thought otherwise, you're never limited to jobs in the field you received your degree in. 📜🎓

We've encountered engineers who possessed a single history degree, teachers turned pharmaceutical reps💊, doctors turned real estate agents🏠, and speaking from personal experience- nurses turned tech entrepreneurs. 💼

It's all about Passion!


Our Mission is to bring awareness, educate, & innovate players to think responsibly; yet outside the box. It is also our mission to bring awareness to the life paths available and the pros/ cons of each, helping to assist in discovering not just careers that will make you wealthy, but careers that will make you happy. 


Albeit, we live in a capitalistic society, where money is needed to survive. Lack of financial knowledge leads to a carousel of generational pitfalls; thus proving the necessity of adequate pecuniary teachings.


The perseverance behind the Getting Grown game is "NOT" about who finishes first OR who has the "MOST MONEY" in their bank account upon completion. 

Instead, it is about which player has made the highest “Return on Investment” from start to finish- highlighting the many drawbacks that come with financial illiteracy.


Uniquely enough, each player may start the game with a different salary depending on their career path. Each path can be changed and/or altered based on chance, as well as a player’s imminent choices/ decisions.

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What We Are About

Financial & Career Education

Let's be honest. Schools don't teach financial literacy. In fact, no one teaches financial literacy. Until Now! 

In the form of a mobile game, Getting Grown implements a fun & playful method to educate players on managing bank accounts, debt including bank and student loans, investments like IRA & 401K, inflation, mandatory living expenses, credit scores, credit cards - And this is just to name a few!


Being an adult comes with responsibilities! We assist in teaching those responsibilities through the use of a task list. After selecting career paths & avatars, players are assigned tasks that must be completed throughout the Getting Grown Map to continue on their path.


As in the real world, every decision yields a consequence.

Players are given options throughout gameplay, some options as common as marriage, while others as risk-taking as investing all of your money on the chance to win it back x 4! -OR-

Do you play it safe with the risk of your competitor getting a higher ROI?

The choices you make determine your fate!

Fun Features

Career Stories & Quizzes

Competitive Leaderboards


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